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Bhavini Kalaria is a solicitor and head of a north London-based commercial law firm, The London Law Practice.

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Don’t complain, do something

Friday, 06 December 2013

Alan Purchase, of Northville Park, Kingsbridge, writes:
At a recent under-eights football game, I heard one of the player’s parents complaining that ‘the trouble with the team is that no one will take it on full time and that “they” should do something about it’.
I have often wondered who this mythical body ‘they’ is that moaners and whingers frequently refer to when they feel hard done by.
In this case, it is a group of volunteers who give up considerable time, usually to their children’s age group.
The majority of junior sport is run by unpaid volunteers and if it wasn’t it would only be available to those who could afford it. Instead of moaning about what ‘they’ should be doing, get involved yourself.
The most frequent excuse for parents not getting involved with any activities is ‘I haven’t got the time’.
Remember the old adage – busy people make time, lazy people make excuses.

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