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London Wildlife Trust Barnet group Column

London Wildlife Trust Barnet group


Wednesday, 25/Mar/2015

OAK Hill Wood is a nature reserve which can be found at the north end of Oak Hill Park in East Barnet.

Thursday, 29/Jan/2015

FORTHCOMING columns will focus on nature reserves in Barnet, starting this week with Mill Hill Old Railway nature reserve, next to Lyndhurst Park.

Thursday, 06/Nov/2014

AS we are in the bonfire season, before lighting a fire, please ensure it does not conceal a hibernating hedgehog, sleeping fox or roosting bird.

Thursday, 28/Aug/2014

A STARVING, flightless and juvenile herring gull was recently recovered from Ballards Lane, in Finchley.

Thursday, 03/Jul/2014

THIS summer has seen an unprecedented number of honeybee swarms, thought to be caused by poor mating weather conditions last year.

Thursday, 08/May/2014

LONDON Wildlife Trust is urging prospective councillors to implement the following if they are elected on May 22:

Safeguard the borough’s biodiversity by protecting and conserving wildlife sites and ensuring ecological data is up to date, in order to accurately inform planning decisions.

Thursday, 13/Mar/2014

THERE is a widely believed myth that ivy is harmful to trees.

Thursday, 16/Jan/2014

NO one can deny that since the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 – 33 years ago our wild bird population has decreased.

Thursday, 28/Nov/2013

RECENTLY, our chairman rescued a quail wandering around recycling bins in Finchley.

Thursday, 31/Oct/2013

As we clear up after this week's storm, don’t forget that this is an opportunity to create eco-piles from trees blown down in many parks and gardens.

Thursday, 03/Oct/2013

THOSE who have visited Trent Country Park may be unaware of the existence in the park of the Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service and Centre.

Thursday, 05/Sep/2013

THIS Saturday we are holding a moth evening from 8pm onwards at the back of Lyndhurst Park, near The Meads, and close to Lyndhurst Park and Mill Hill Old Railway Nature Reserve.

Thursday, 08/Aug/2013

MANY will be aware that the planning application for the West Hendon regeneration has been granted -notwithstanding overwhelming opposition - by five votes to four, with one abstention.

Thursday, 11/Jul/2013

THIS column has previously identified the importance of verges and roundabouts for wildlife.

Thursday, 13/Jun/2013

WE currently manage three nature reserves – and soon possibly an additional three.

Thursday, 16/May/2013

LIME trees, of which we have two native species, were once famous among London’s bee-keepers for producing fabulous shades of green honey, as well as the wonderful scent when in flower.

Thursday, 18/Apr/2013

THE cold spell appears to be over.

Thursday, 21/Feb/2013

IN my last column, I explained the environmental damage that would be caused by the intended development of a 26-storey building on the only site of special scientific importance in Barnet – on the boundary of the Welsh Harp, West Hendon.

Thursday, 31/Jan/2013

A PLANNING application will shortly be submitted for a number of tower blocks, up to 26 storeys, on the boundary of the Welsh Harp reservoir, a site of special scientific importance also affecting the area’s infrastructure.

Thursday, 06/Dec/2012

CONSERVATIONISTS are aghast at the provisions of the government’s Growth And Infrastructure Bill currently before parliament.

Thursday, 08/Nov/2012

ALARM has already been expressed regarding the threat to the country’s native ash tree population.

Thursday, 11/Oct/2012

FOLLOWING the success of the trust in planning wildflower meadows and verges at the Olympic Games, now is your chance.

Thursday, 16/Aug/2012

As many who read this column will be aware, our wonderful website is updated daily at www.

Thursday, 19/Jul/2012

JULY has seen good news as well as bad – apart from the weather, which has been disastrous for wildlife and the nation’s bees.

Thursday, 21/Jun/2012

ARRIVING for a visit to see Prince Charles at Highgrove, we were issued with lapel badges and then split up in groups for a conducted walk around the 15-acre estate, which was established in 1980.

Thursday, 24/May/2012

DID you know that 39million tonnes of untreated sewage enters the River Thames every year?

Although significant successes have been made since the 1950s to clean the river, allowing for 120 species of fish to breed, sewage outfalls still regularly wipe out generations of fish, including flounder, smelt and trout.

Thursday, 26/Apr/2012

THE new national planning policy framework, which has immediate effect, could change the planning landscape.

Thursday, 05/Apr/2012

THE wonderful spring is matched by the fantastic news of some higher level stewardship from Defra, for which Totteridge Fields will be a recipient.

Thursday, 01/Mar/2012

A RELIABLE source has advised that although local issues can be
challenged by judicial review, only another act of parliament can stop the High Speed 2 train project.

Friday, 03/Feb/2012

ATTENDING Boris Johnson’s Talk London event, we were delighted that he has serious reservations
concerning the viability of HS2.

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