Firefighters free two feckless foxes in Edgware

By Tim Trew in Local People

There must be something in the air in Edgware after firefighters freed two feckless foxes in five days.

In separate incidents the animals got stuck between walls and would have faced certain death if crews hadn’t freed them.

The first rescue was on Thursday, July 6 when the RSPCA received a call to a help a fox trapped between a shed and a brick wall.

It had fallen upside down into a 12-inch gap. London Fire Brigade managed to prise a gap between the shed and the wall and the fox was pulled out. Amazingly the fox was not injured and was released.

The second rescue was on Tuesday this week and the RSPCA was called to a rescue a fox who was stuck between a concrete fence and a wall. It is thought the fox had slipped down between the gap. A fire crew removed a fence panel before prising a concrete post away.

The fox was very weak from the ordeal so was taken to a vet for a check up, where he remained for a couple of days before being released back into the wild.

The RSPCA officer at the scene Jill Sanders said: “These two foxes had really got themselves stuck and it’s amazing really how they both managed to come out relatively unscathed. We would like to thank the fire brigade for their work in rescuing both foxes they were brilliant.”

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: “Just like in these instances, the first thing to do should be to call the RSPCA if you see an animal in difficulty. If assistance from firefighters is required, the RSPCA will call us.”

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