Persistent offender barred from riding bicycle in Enfield as part of Criminal Behaviour Order

By Russ Lawrence in Local People

A persistent offender could potentially face being locked up for riding a bicyle in parts of Enfield after a Criminal Behaviour Order was made against him by magistrates.

It was one of the conditions handed to Hashin Mohammed by Highbury Magistrates’ Court last week after Enfield police applied for the order because of his prolific drug offending and anti-social behaviour.

The condition prohibiting him from riding a bike was made after magistrates heard he had made off on his bicycle on several occasions when approached by police about his nuisance behaviour and drug use.

The order was granted after he pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis in Fore Street, Edmonton.

It was the latest in a string of arrests and court appearances.

Since May 2016 he had been stopped and searched 19 times by police. He had been arrested, charged and found guilty at court for possession of cannabis on several occasions, but previously only received fines.

He was identified by officers as being part of a large group of African males who congregate in the Upper Edmonton and Edmonton Green areas smoking drugs and intimidating members of the public.

The Criminal Behaviour Order bans him from entering the N9 and N18 postcodes, other than passing through the areas on public transport.

It prohibits him from being in possession of drugs paraphernalia and excludes him from riding his bike in those two postcodes.

Should he fail to observe the order and breach any of the conditions he can be arrested, hauled back to court and face a possible custodial sentence.

In a post on Enfield Police’s Facebook page, the granting of the CBO on top of a community order against Mohammed was described by police “as unprecedented.”

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