Finchley man awaits sentence for laser pen attack on helicopter

By Dave Speck in Local People

A FINCHLEY man who put the lives of a police helicopter crew at risk by shining a laser pen at their aircraft must wait to see if he will be sent to prison.

Limshin Chung Ching Wan, 42, was arrested at his home on Blackdown Close, East Finchley, after police used mapping technology to trace the source of a green laser light which temporarily blinded a crew member aboard the National Police Air Service helicopter.

Sergeant Jamie Kay of the Met Police at Barnet said response team officers on the ground liased with colleagues in the air service to locate the house where a search revealed four laser pens.

He said: “Shining a laser at an aircraft is incredibly dangerous. Lasers are not toys and they should be handled responsibly.”

Limshin Chung Ching Wan pleaded guilty to recklessly and negligently acting in manner likely to endanger aircraft following the offence on Janaury 12 this year. He was released on bail to appear at Harrow Crown Court to be sentenced at a date to be fixed.

*Under new powers announced by Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling this week, people who Shine lasers at pilots, train or bus drivers could face fines of thousands of pounds or a jail sentence.

Under current laws, police have to prove a person endangered the vehicle or aircraft when shining a laser, but the new law means police will only have to prove the offence of shining the laser.

Mr Grayling said: “Whilst we know laser pens can be fun and many users have good intentions, some are not aware of the risks of dazzling drivers or pilots putting public safety at risk.”

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